How To Make Clothes For Dogs

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How To Make Clothes For Dogs
How To Make Clothes For Dogs

Video: How To Make Clothes For Dogs

Video: How To Make Clothes For Dogs
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Nowadays, a lot of various clothes have been invented and produced for dogs. So that your dog does not get wet in the rain, does not freeze from the cold, you can purchase a waterproof suit, a warm coat, a sweater, a jumper. For little fashionistas and fashionistas, there are many models of dresses, sundresses, T-shirts, pants, overalls. You will need shoes to keep your pet's paws from irritating salt and chemicals. Clothes and shoes for dogs are not difficult to sew or knit with your own hands. The main thing is to decide on the style, choose the fabric, be able to knit or sew, show imagination.

How to make clothes for dogs
How to make clothes for dogs

It is necessary

Product pattern, scissors, threads, knitting needles, yarn, sewing machine


Step 1

The dress is knitted.

You will need a knitted fabric that will stretch well. Take measurements from the dog - chest girth, neck girth, length of the dog from withers to tail. Increase the pattern to the size you want. Transfer the pattern to the weave and leave seam allowances. Cut out the details. The collar consists of 2 pieces. Fold the shelf and backrest together and sew along the AB and VG lines. Finish the edges.

Step 2

Fold collar details right side in, sew. Then turn it out and sew it into the neck of the product. Sew each sleeve along the U line. Fold the sleeve in half and line the top with stitch B. Sew a seam.

Step 3

Knitted sweater.

The length of the back of the dog is 22 cm and the volume of the chest is 34 cm. Cast on the circular needles 60 loops. Knit 20 rows in a circle with the front stitch. For the armholes of the sleeves, close 6 loops each. There are 12 loops left on the front of the sweater.

Step 4

Next, knit 16 more rows for the back, and 24 rows for the front. Close the knitting in a circle and knit another 3 cm with the front satin stitch. In each next row, 9 and 10, knit the loop together. There should be 36 stitches on the needles. Tie 8 more rows without decreasing the loops and close.

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