How To Name A Puppy Like

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How To Name A Puppy Like
How To Name A Puppy Like

Video: How To Name A Puppy Like

Video: How To Name A Puppy Like
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Laika is a very independent, energetic, cheerful and peaceful dog. On the hunt, she is spiteful and furious, but she is kind and affectionate to people. It is necessary to take into account her character at the moment when you decide how to name a husky puppy.

How to name a puppy like
How to name a puppy like


Step 1

If you are taking a puppy obtained as a result of breeding, then there are a few rules to be aware of. For example, the fact that the nickname is given to him after registration (registration of the litter). For the whole litter, a letter is determined, which should be the beginning of the dog's name. Also, if the puppy is from a kennel, then its name should be present in the nickname.

For example, you took an animal from the Green Meadows nursery, and the letter “A” was defined during the registration. Therefore, a husky puppy should be called like this: Green Meadows Alpha or Green Meadows Ataman, etc.

Step 2

If you are taking a dog from outside the kennel, first determine its gender. Mistakes often occur in such a question. And a pet already accustomed to its name is difficult to convince that it is now called differently.

Step 3

For a peaceful and cheerful husky, such formidable names as Demon or Monster are not suitable. Although she is an excellent hunter, she is still very kind. Therefore, the nickname must be appropriate.

Step 4

The puppy's name should be beautiful, euphonious and at the same time simple and short.

Step 5

Avoid calling the puppy the person's husky. In addition, the nickname should not resemble the names of your loved ones, as well as various teams.

Step 6

Give your dog a name based on the nature of the dog. If you take a puppy to raise a real hunter, the following nicknames will suit him: Thunder, Ataman, Vityaz, Azart, Buyan, Brave, etc. In the case when you need a cheerful shaggy friend, you can call him Faithful, Friend, Curly, etc.

Step 7

Nicknames often do not contain any information, but still have to be euphonic. For example, you can call a husky puppy such beautiful names as Laima, Aya, Maya, Biya and the like.

Step 8

You can find a good nickname using various dictionaries. For example, give your puppy the name of a Greek mythical character or an adventure novel hero.

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