How To Tell The Gender Of Goldfish

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How To Tell The Gender Of Goldfish
How To Tell The Gender Of Goldfish

Video: How To Tell The Gender Of Goldfish

Video: How To Tell The Gender Of Goldfish
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There is a misconception that goldfish are easy to care for. In fact, they are very demanding, and when breeding them, many nuances arise. But, having learned to overcome difficulties, most owners think about breeding their aquarium pets. If in many species of aquarium fish it is quite simple to distinguish a female from a male (in color, size), then the situation is different with goldfish.

How to tell the gender of goldfish
How to tell the gender of goldfish

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Goldfish become sexually mature by the age of two, although this depends on the completeness and variety of the diet and the conditions in which they are kept. In this case, the volume of the aquarium plays a very important role - at least 40 liters is needed for one goldfish, and the entire "glass house" must be at least 100 liters. In small volumes, the fish develop poorly, become, as it were, "drawn out" and incapable of spawning.

Under ideal conditions, there were cases of earlier puberty - by one and a half years, while the diet was saturated with proteins. Therefore, before this age, even an experienced owner will not be able to distinguish between male and female.

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When the fish are ready to breed, the first differences between the male and the female begin to appear. The body of the female takes on a rounded shape, a small spherical tummy appears, while the male is leaner.

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On the front paired fins of the male, there are characteristic notches, which in appearance resemble small saw teeth. This is the main sign by which you can distinguish a male from a female even not during the mating season.

Step 4

With the beginning of spring, sexually mature goldfish begin their courtship period. At this time, the male differs markedly from the female in his behavior. He behaves very actively, vigorously caring for his girlfriend, chasing her throughout the aquarium.

Step 5

Another main feature of the male is the appearance of white tubercles on the head and gill covers during the spawning period. Sometimes these tubercles can be found on the front fins.

The same symptoms can occur with a serious illness of aquarium fish - ichthyophthyriosis. On the fins of the fish, tubercles appear, similar to semolina. It is important not to confuse the male's spawning traits with this disease.

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