How To Sew A Blanket For A Cat

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How To Sew A Blanket For A Cat
How To Sew A Blanket For A Cat

Video: How To Sew A Blanket For A Cat

Video: How To Sew A Blanket For A Cat
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The blanket is designed to protect the animal from the cold. This does not exclude the fact that it can be both beautiful and comfortable. The blanket does not restrict your pet in movements, does not constrain the gait. It should protect the cat's back, abdomen and chest. They usually sew it from several layers for more warmth. Don't have a blanket ready for your cat? Sew it yourself.

How to sew a blanket for a cat
How to sew a blanket for a cat

It is necessary

  • - top fabric;
  • -the middle layer;
  • -lower layer.


Step 1

To sew a blanket for a cat, you will need an upper fabric, it performs rather decorative functions, the middle layer is something woolen, warm, and the lower layer will adhere to the cat's body, which means it should be pleasant to the touch (especially for bald breeds), flannel or knitwear will do.

Step 2

Measure your cat along the back from the base of the neck to the beginning of the tail. Draw a triangle pattern with sides long enough to wrap around the cat's body and the median slightly longer than the neck-to-tail distance. Using this pattern, cut all three fabrics and sew them in the right order: underwear, warming, decorative. If the blanket is going to dress the cat in the off-season, you can do without insulation.

Step 3

Now make a hole for the tail in the corner from which you lowered the median for cutting. You can just sew a loop to it for the same purpose, but a blanket with a hole will better cover the cat.

Step 4

Thread the hole with thread. Pass the tail into it, lower the other two corners along the front paws, then wrap the ends around the cat's body - wind them behind the paws, and pull them up already in front of them, and tie a not very tight knot on the back. This is the easiest way to sew a blanket for a cat.

Step 5

You can do a little differently. Cut the fabric so that the “front” corners are gone, making holes for the front legs. Sew all layers along such a pattern, and then evenly along the length of the product, distribute the fasteners that will fasten the blanket on the stomach. These can be Velcro, ribbons, hooks and loops, buttons, and so on.

Step 6

Buttons are not recommended as they can be easily unbuttoned by crampons. On average, you will need 4-5 pairs of fasteners - at the neck, in front of the front legs, behind them, in the middle of the abdomen, in front of the hind legs. Do not button the blanket on the cat too tight, but not too loosely.

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