How To Choose A British Kitten

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How To Choose A British Kitten
How To Choose A British Kitten

Video: How To Choose A British Kitten

Video: How To Choose A British Kitten
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British cats have many fans. These animals are distinguished by their impressive size, beautiful physique, luxurious plush coat and a variety of colors. For your pet to become just that, take the time to choose the best kitten - healthy, fun and meeting all breed standards.

How to choose a British kitten
How to choose a British kitten


Step 1

When deciding to buy a British Shorthair kitten, contact your local feline club. You will be prompted for the addresses of catteries with kittens or planning to mate. Please note that especially promising animals are sometimes recorded long before they are born. But if you are not interested in the offspring of champions of exhibitions, choose any baby you like from the existing ones.

Step 2

A thoroughbred kitten can be purchased at the age of 2-3 months. It is impossible for a non-professional to see the future champion in a fluffy animal - at this age the kittens are disproportionate and bear little resemblance to the future imposing beauties. If you want to buy a kitten for future shows and mating, invite a specialist in the breed. He will check the documents of the animal and examine the kitten with passion.

Step 3

When buying a promising show-class animal, get ready to spend a considerable amount on it. Breed class females from champion parents are also not cheap. They will not win prizes at exhibitions, but they will be able to participate in breeding. But cats of this class and animals of the pet category are much cheaper - it is not recommended to knit such cats, but they are ideal for the role of a pet.

Step 4

Before examining kittens, take a look at their parents - at least in pictures. Both the mother and father of kittens must fully comply with breed standards, have a powerful bone, a well-developed massive head, and a wide chest. Check the pedigrees - it should include at least four tribes of titled ancestors. There should not be Scottish Folds in the British family - these are different breeds that cannot be mixed.

Step 5

Watch the cat - the mother of kittens. She should be sufficiently socialized - without whims to go into the hands of the owner, not to be nervous. The more “domestic” the mother turns out to be, the easier it is for her cubs to get used to the new home. If you dream of a big cat, keep in mind that British cats are much smaller than cats. The son of a graceful mother may well grow into a big man of impressive size.

Step 6

Examine the kittens. The best choice is the most active, curious and funny baby from the litter. Take the kitten you like in your arms. He should be well-nourished, with a dense coat, a harmonious round head with small, widely spaced ears and round amber eyes. Check the animal's physique - a good Briton has strong straight legs, a wide chest and a sturdy body.

Step 7

Assess the shade of the coat. It is important that the undercoat does not differ in shade from the guard hair. Kittens of blue and lilac colors should have uniform hair color, without "silver" on the tips. A long nose, pointed muzzle and almond-shaped eyes are considered breed defects.

Step 8

If you liked a kitten that does not meet strict breed standards, you can purchase it, but it will not participate in exhibitions and breeding. But don't buy a kitten that you know is sick. Bad breath, watery eyes, dull, tousled coat are all clear signs of illness. A conscientious breeder will never put up a sick animal for sale. If you are offered such a kitten, refuse to buy and look for another cattery.

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